To assist your students in preparing for the tournament, we have enclosed the debate topic areas for each round below:

Primary Division

Round 1: That we should ban students from bringing unhealthy food to school.

Round 2: That we should ban private tutoring and coaching colleges.

Round 3: That the government should pay all children the same small weekly allowance. 

Round 4: That we would prefer a world where no one can lie.

Junior Division

Round 1: That the government should fund graphic advertising campaigns to discourage people from eating meat(e.g. placing images of dead animals or slaughterhouses on meat packaging).

Round 2: That we should tax companies that replace human labour with. 

Round 3: That we should ban children from making money off media and competitive gaming.

Round 4: That we  would prefer a world where everyone knows the date of their death.

Senior Division

Round 1: That we support non-violent property damage in order to stop climate change(e.g. blowing up pipelines, sabotaging logging equipment etc.)

Round 2: That we should make judges spend time in jail before working in court.

Round 3: That healthcare workers should not have the right to strike during a pandemic.

Round 4: That we would prefer a world in which there are no extreme emotions( such as boiling rage, falling madly in love, extreme grief etc.)