IDC 2023 Technical Guide

    1. Debates will take place over Zoom.
    2. Students and coordinators should download Zoom (Download here:
  1. The tabulation website (draw, results, topics) for each division can be found:
  2. The specific links for each division are:
  3. The finalized draw for each round will be available on the Wednesday preceding the date of the Friday night round.
  4. The allocation of adjudicators is subject to change.
  5. It is a public link, and you do not need an account to access it.
Prior to the debate round
  • please note your break-out room number and the team you are debating against.
  • Please confirm your own team name by hovering over the team name and it will display the full names of the speakers within the team. (Please let us know if there are any concerns about the surnames of students being displayed, and we can remove them if necessary).
  • All debates will take place over Zoom. There will be a lobby Zoom room for each division (this room is similar to a supper room where students and coordinators from different teams are present and where topics are released at an in-person tournament). Speakers will join the lobby room and then into a breakout room with their opposing team in which they will prepare and debate.
  • When entering the Zoom lobby room, you must leave your camera on and microphone off, unless instructed otherwise by a tournament facilitator.
  • (This is to ensure quick room allocation and safety the tournament and is of paramount importance.)

Name Format

Your name must be formatted in the following way when joining the Zoom lobby room:


a. Preparing remotely:

“BR Breakout room number” “Team Name” “First Name” “Last Name” “Speaker position (1/2/3) and side (AFF/NEG)” (remove the “”).

E.g. BR3 IDC 1 Conna Leslie 1 AFF

b. Preparing together as a team (using 1 computer for the whole team)

“BR Breakout room number” “Team Name” “side (AFF/NEG)” (remove the “”).

E.g. BR5 IDC 1 NEG


“BR Breakout room number” “Adjudicator” “First Name” “Last Name” (remove the “”).

E.g. BR2 Adjudicator Conna Leslie


BR Breakout room number” “Team Name Observer” “First Name” “Last Name”

E.g. BR1 IDC 1 Observer Conna Leslie

  • Both the affirmative and negative teams will be placed into the breakout room where the debate will take place. The adjudicator and other authorised spectators will then be assigned to the room when preparation time has elapsed.
  • Please remain on mute for the entire duration of preparation time and do not contact the opposing team.
  • For teams competing in the same physical location, preparation time will continue as normal with students working together whilst remaining on mute in the Zoom breakout room.
  • For teams with speakers in different physical locations, do not rely on the breakout room as a preparation space. Please set up an alternate means of communication (e.g. group video call + a shared online document) for preparation while remaining on mute in the breakout room. A common platform used in conjunction with Zoom is Discord for online debating tournaments, however, a group phone call is also equally effective.
  • Adjudicators will be allocated to those rooms during preparation. They are expected to call the debate to order on Zoom when preparation ends.
  • Do not leave Zoom during preparation time. If you do, try to re-join by clicking “Breakout Rooms” on the bottom bar.
  • During the debate, cameras must remain ON for all participants and microphones OFF. The adjudicator will instruct you to unmute yourself before delivering a speech.
  • You can continue to use your group video call or alternate communication platform to discuss with your teammates during the debate.
  • The adjudicator will act as chairperson and timekeeper for the round. Speakers are also allowed to time their own speech with a stopwatch.
  • Contacting the opposing speakers during the debate is strictly prohibited.